This is the story of a search for the magic and profound within the confusion and distractions of our time – a chronicle which contains a rich treasure of experience and higher states of consciousness. The path leads through strange territories. According to his own words the author was reckless and afflicted with many shortcomings, and propelled by things he didn't understand.


Patrick Sheridan vividly portrays the extraordinary qualities of LSD and recounts his initial astonishment, revelation, and disillusionment with drug experience before describing his first encounter with a very unique "yogi lady". Candid and open-hearted, he describes the magical things he experienced in her company over many years.


Any anticipation of a mere reproduction of childhood hopes and fears, love stories and drug and alcohol excesses will not do any justice to this narrative. Unlike others with similar experience, the author seems driven by something different from many of his contemporaries. This elusive quality seems to help him to survive the dramtic ups and downs of his unusual journey, and leads finally to the goal he had longed for throughout his life.


The book doesn't glorify drug experiences and extreme life styles per se, or suggest they are a way to experience higher truths. Despite his adventures Patrick Sheridan points out that it is not necessary or sensible to jump through the kind of "cosmic hoops" he did. He explains that any sincere seeker today has far more balanced and subtle possibilities to find the really great answers of our time. The Kindom of Heaven is not only within us, the potential to achieve it has evolved within us too.


The book doesn't only impress by its humorous depictions of extraordinary inner and outside experience on the author's exceptional journey, but also impacts profoundly on the reader through the richness and eloquence of its literary style.